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Our Mission

To make technology a resource and benefit by solving your troubles. To apply knowledge and implement alternative solutions to everyday problems for our clients. We want to support your worth.

Our Story

Highly qualified technicians in the maintenance of computers and cellular technology, with our customer service office located in the city of Elizabeth in New Jersey. We are ready to serve you. The combination of our solid experience and the deep knowledge of the latest technological trends and the quality of our work based on providing you with real and effective immediate solutions to deliver total customer satisfaction at competitive prices.

Meet the Team

We are a family oriented business, prepared to assist you with anything we can. At your service in English or Spanish.


Leonel A.

Valued worker




Valued Worker



Pedro A.

Valued Worker



- Ecuador Polytechnic School of the Army, in recognition and gratitude for the services provided to the institution, SIVEC's virtual education administrator.

-Social Network NJ organization, for all support and cooperation of the computer training classes.

- City of Newark New Jersey For all support and cooperation of the computer training class, at the NJ Social Center Store.


- Centro Social Loja de NJ Reconocimiento Especial a Pedro Almagro. Gerente de AG Technology. Por su participacion como facilitador del primer modulo de computacion organizado por nuestra institucion con el auspicio de la Ciudad de Newark y AG Technology.

- Escuela Politécnica del Ejército de Ecuador, en reconocimiento y gratitud por los servicios prestados a la institución, el administrador de educación virtual de SIVEC.

- Organizacion Social Network NJ, para todo el apoyo y la cooperación de las clases de capacitación en computación.

- Ciudad de Newark, New Jersey Para todo el apoyo y la cooperación de la clase de capacitación en computación, en la Tienda del Centro Social de NJ.

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